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In today’s post, 5 Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales, I’m going to share simple, yet effective, marketing strategies that you can quickly and easily implement to boost your sales and advance your business. There’s no doubt about it that marketing and sales go hand in hand.

You could have the best product or service on the planet but without a marketing strategy no-one is going to know about it and you’re not going to make any sales. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have a toolkit of marketing tools and strategies that you can utilise. Of course, ones that are going to appeal to your target audience and offer them value.

5 Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

1. Add Complementary Offers

You’ve probably heard the adage that it’s a lot easier to sell to your existing customers than it is to find new ones. This is so true because your existing customers already like and trust you. Furthermore, they’re familiar with how your products and services work. Think about what else you can sell to these customers that enhances what they’ve previously purchased.

For example, if you have a video training course on how to create eCourses you could offer your current customers an additional service where you set up the eCourses they’ve created on a suitable platform for them. In addition, you could also offer them training on how to use an email marketing service provider and so on.

Furthermore, because your customers are going to be purchasing related products and services isn’t it better that they buy them from you? Now you might be unable to offer the product or service yourself but that isn’t a problem. You can find an outsourcer on places like Fiverr. Or indeed source a company who can provide what they need and work out a commission rate for referrals.

2. Bundling to Add Value

Bundling your products or services into a package deal is a great way to shift more products. Also, doing this adds value to your customers. This highly lucrative strategy will make your customers feel like they’re getting a super deal. Why? Well, they’ll be paying less than if they bought each item individually. Everyone benefits because as well as your customers getting this special deal, you get the benefit of more money per sale. Bundling can also help you move less popular products. Also it provides you with an upsell to offer customers who may have been thinking of just buying one item.

For example, if you own a gym, offer a package deal where customers get their gym membership, 5 workout sessions with a personal trainer, a personalised nutritional plan, and access to all classes in the fitness studio and the swimming pool. Now, a customer might have been thinking about buying into one or two of these. However, if you make your offer irresistible, they may be persuaded to buy the entire package. By bundling several of your products or services together you can create a package deal with excellent perceived value.

3. Competitions as a Source of New Targeted Leads

Everyone loves competitions, right? The excitement and buzz that can be created around a competition can be great for your business. Furthermore, competitions get people to take action. They can be a powerful marketing tool to amass more leads or prospects, raise your brand awareness and make you stand out from the crowd. In addition, you can use them to gain feedback or get reviews from existing customers and encourage people to sign up to webinars or special offers. Your prize doesn’t have to be something mega expensive. In fact, sometimes cheaper giveaways will help increase your conversions even more. Maybe that’s because participants think they’ve a better chance of winning.

For example, if you’re an outdoor equipment company you could run a competition for a free tent. Anyone who enters is likely a potential prospect as they’re interested in winning the tent. You can instantly advertise a special limited deal in case they don’t win and want the tent right away. Of course, you’ll offer a full refund if they do win. The advantage of this is that you get low-cost clicks and leads when you advertise this way. This is the case, for instance, on platforms like Facebook. In addition, you’re building up an extremely targeted list.

You can also use competitions to build up your testimonials. Offer to enter customers into a competition when they provide a testimonial or feedback about your product or service.

4. Create Repeat Customers with Future-Use Coupons

Every business owner wants to persuade a customer to keep coming back and buy from them. Regular customers are obviously more valuable to a company than a one-time buyer. Future-use coupons are a brilliant strategy for achieving this.

So, when someone buys something, you give them a special money-off coupon. Or something like 50% off their next purchase. This encourages your customer to remember your business. You could even make getting the coupon dependent on them spending a specific amount. This will help to motivate them to spend more per transaction. If they’re anything like me, they’ll enjoy receiving the coupon and enjoy spending it even more!

This very strategy is used by supermarkets. For example, they’ll have an offer like spend £100 and get £25 off your next grocery shop of £100 or more. Not only does this make spending £100 more attractive to you, but it also gets them an additional £100 sale the next time you use your discount coupon.

5. Offer Free Trials

It can sometimes be difficult to see the benefit of something you haven’t seen in action or tried first, agreed? However, offering a free trial or a demo can be a great way to reduce a potential customer’s fears and reservations and give them confidence that your product or service will work for them. In addition, when someone tries something for free, they often feel an obligation to reciprocate, and this can result in them buying from you.

For example, if you have a software product offer customers a free 30-day trial so they can experiment with it and see how it works for them. Those who may have hesitated about buying your product will now have the opportunity to test it out and realise what a great quality product it is. By doing this you’re building that all important trust and making them feel comfortable before they have to open their wallets.

You can also utilise trials as “special offers” at any time you want to run a sale. For example, if you normally sell a software tool for $497 a year, you can promote a special offer which lets people try it out for free for 14 or 30 days. Doing this can result in many people taking up your offer because this is the only way for them to try it out without having to pay the full price upfront. Always make it easy for customers to see the value in your products or services.

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I hope you found my 5 Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales post useful. I encourage you to start trying out some of these strategies if you haven’t done so already.

If you’d like to get other marketing tips on how to maximise revenue from your established customer base and improve your sales funnel and offers, then I’d encourage you to take a look at this Free Funnel Maker & Analyzer Tool.

To Your Success!

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    2 replies to "5 Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales"

    • Ryan K Biddulph

      Hi Debi,

      I dig all of these tips. We can boost sales with a little bit of creativity. Using the imagination goes a long way in increasing online profits. Think deeply; ideas will flow to you. I especially like the idea of helping existing customers. If people love what you offer…..keep offering. Go to where you are loved to increase business.


      • Debi Kirk

        Hi Ryan

        Appreciate your feedback. Creativity is definitely one of the key ingredients in any business. I love running ideas sessions with my biz partner. It’s amazing what we can come up with! Yes, looking after existing customers is so important and something that a lot of businesses tend to overlook. I’ve always valued my customers and have strived to provide excellent customer service. I learnt that from my Mum who really took care of each and every one of her customers in her small business. She is a great role model.

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